Non-surgical Facelift Treatments

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With the ability to define the face and make us look more youthful, it is little wonder that facelifts are such a common cosmetic surgery procedure. Many patients who choose facelift surgery report that the end result leaves them brimming with confidence, and feeling as well as looking significantly younger. Nevertheless, conventional facelift surgery is invasive with considerable downtime, and understandably, many people who are desperate to reap its benefits still have real reservations about going under the knife.

Thankfully, advances in the techniques and tools used in cosmetic improvements mean that patients no longer need to turn to invasive surgery in a bid to transform their appearance. Instead, there are a range of different non-surgical procedures that can help you to achieve the same results as a facelift – but without any invasive surgery.

Most common non-surgical facelift treatments

There are three different areas that non-surgical facelift treatments can address. These are:

- Replenishing volume that has been lost

- Tightening deeper tissue

- Resurfacing the superficial skin

Many patients choose to use a combination of treatments so that they can effectively address the different aspects of their face that they are unhappy with. Let’s explore some of the non-surgical facelift treatments most commonly requested today.


Botox injections have been around a while, but they are still one of the most popular choices when it comes to reducing signs of ageing in the face. Botox is a neuro-modulator. When injected into the muscle, it causes it to relax meaning that it cannot contract and wrinkle the skin above it.

Botox is most often used on fine lines around the eyes, on the forehead, and in other areas of the upper part of the face. The results of the treatment are at the optimum around a week after the procedure and can last as long as 12 to 16 weeks. Therefore, patients find themselves booking in for Botox sessions three or four times each year.

Dermal Fillers

As we get older, we naturally lose volume in our face. This can create the appearance of sagging jowls and hollow cheeks, which in turn can make us appear older, often more so than we truly are.

Dermal fillers, which are administered via injection, work by restoring facial volume, plumping out the cheeks, and tightening the skin across the face. This gives the patient improved facial definition and a more youthful appearance.

They are most often used in cheeks and lower parts of your face and can reduce lines running between the lips and chin, nose and lips, and around the mouth.

There are several types of injectable dermal filler that can create this facelift effect. These include:

- Hyaluronic Acid-based fillers (Belotero, Hydrelle, Juvederm, Perlane, Prevelle Silk, Restylane, Ultra Plus, Voluma)

- Collagen-based fillers (Cosmoderm, Cosmoplast, Evolence)

- Semi-permanent fillers (Radiesse, Sculptra)

- Permanent fillers (ArteFill)

The results of dermal fillers are virtually instant, and although temporary, they can last as long as six to nine months. There is also virtually no downtime, making the procedure a very simple way to achieve a non-surgical facelift.

Fat Transfer

Volume loss can also be treated with a process known as fat transfer. In this procedure, fat is taken from other parts of your body, and then prepared and reinjected into the areas in which you wish to add volume – in this case, the face. In fact, fat transfer can be used in virtually any area of the body, including the cheeks, around the eyes and lips, and even on acne-scarred areas of skin. One of the key advantages of fat transfer is that, unlike many other non-surgical facelifts, fat transfer yields virtually permanent results, making it a great long-term investment in your appearance.


Many people who are interested in a facelift are concerned about the appearance of their neck and jawline. As we age, the skin on the neck can sag and wrinkle, which leads to a loose and undefined jawline. Kybella is a new, non-surgical fat-blasting treatment that can help you achieve greater definition in your jaw and a more youthful appearance.

Kybella injections usually take place over a period of several months, and you may feel a little discomfort in the days afterwards. However, the results are considered to be well worth the effort.

Light, Ultrasound, and Laser Treatments

There are a wide variety of light, ultrasound, and laser treatments that focus on rejuvenating the appearance of the face. Targeting pigmentation problems, blotchy skin, fine lines, and redness, these treatments can offer results that closely mimic those seen after conventional facelift surgery. They also tend to be relatively affordable, with fast results and virtually no recovery period.

Laser lifts

If you are unable to achieve the result that you are looking for using any of the above non-surgical treatments, our doctor or surgeon may recommend a laser facelift. This minimally-invasive treatment utilizes laser technology to create a controlled injury, melting fat and causing the skin to tighten.

Laser lifts tend to be most effective on the lower half of the face and neck, and the results of the treatment are immediate and permanent.

If you would like to look and feel younger, a non-surgical facelift can help you achieve the appearance you are hoping for without the need to go under the knife. To find out more about non-surgical facelift treatments, please contact us and make an appointment at our offices.