What Is Breast Explant Surgery?

​​​​​​​Breast explant surgery refers to the procedure of removing breast implants. When women get breast implants, they feel that they need them for a lifetime. However, some of them change their mind later and have the implants removed. They go back to the specialist for an implant removal procedure.

Removing implants could be a result of a medical issue or a social shift. Usually, the implants are removed, but, in some cases, they are replaced with tissue and fat. In the last year only, more than 25,000 women in the United States have opted for breast explant surgery. Here are the reasons why most women are considering implants removal today.

breast explant

Surgery Complication

Sometimes, the patient does not like the results after having breast augmentation. This could be because of possible complications after surgery. Poor scarring, wrong positioning of the implant, asymmetry, and wrong nipple alignment are the most common complications. Some patients also experience infections, swelling, reactions to implants, and many other medical complications.


Breastfeeding has become popular these days. More women are opting to remove implants when they get pregnant so that they can have a natural breastfeeding process.


Many patients have reported discomfort after having breast augmentation. Some patients have reported problems with back and neck pains due to the added weight on the chest area. Others say implants affected their quality of life. Their day-to-day lives. You cannot lie flat on your stomach or participate in extreme sports with some silicone implants. You live in constant fear that the implants may be displaced, rupture, or leak.

Update in Procedure

For the longest time, women have been using artificial silicone implants. Medical procedures keep changing for the better. Some patients are removing the silicone implants and upgrading to autologous breast augmentation procedure. In this procedure, the surgeon removes fat and tissue from other parts of the body and transplants them in the breast. This feels and looks more natural compared to silicone implants.

Risk of Contracting Capsular Contracture and ALCL

Capsular contracture happens when the body forms tight scarring around the implant making it uncomfortable. Patients with this condition opt to remove implants since it is a recurring condition. Some patients with implants are also at risk of getting Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma (ALCL). ALCL is a rare type of blood cancer. Certain textured implants can trigger ALCL for patients who are at risk due to their genetic disposition.

Cultural Shift

There has been a cultural shift that is encouraging women to love themselves in their natural form. Cosmetic procedures, in general, have become less popular especially if they are not medical reconstruction cases. In the past, there was pressure on women to conform to social expectations. While the hourglass figure has been the coveted female form for decades, there is a change in basic assumptions that have women accepting themselves for who they are.

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