Fractured or Broken Nose? Nose Surgery May Help

A sudden impact on your face can result in a fractured or broken nose. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that you can tell if you have a broken nose by noting some symptoms. Nose bleed, pain, and swelling are a few of the symptoms of a fractured nose. If you want to learn how nose surgery can help your fractured nose, here’s what you should know.

nose job

The Diagnosis

Your doctor will palpate the exterior part of your nose and its neighboring areas. There will be pain and tenderness. Because of this, your doctor will use a local anesthetic or a nasal anesthetic spray. This will help numb the area as your doctor confirms the broken parts and the extent of the damage. Your doctor will also look inside your nose to view other signs of broken bones and obstruction.

A CT (computerized tomography) scan might be ordered. Your plastic surgeon may use it to assess the degree of damage. Sometimes, a broken nose may have surrounding injuries as well. Your surgeon must know about them to create an accurate and comprehensive treatment plan.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

This procedure is often called a “nose job.” It modifies the cartilage or bone in your nose to improve its shape. This is a common type of plastic surgery. People resort to rhinoplasty for nose repair to correct a congenital disability or breathing issues. They also have this nose surgery to improve the appearance of their nose or restore it after an injury. Experts say that you should wait until your nasal bone is completely grown before having rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes. But you can get a rhinoplasty to improve your breathing at a younger age.

Before the procedure, you and your surgeon will discuss if rhinoplasty can help your case. You can tell your surgeon about your cosmetic or functional goals. It will help the surgeon create a better treatment plan if you disclose your medical conditions and medications. Patients with clotting disorders cannot have any optional surgery. Your surgeon will perform a physical exam and order lab and blood tests.

Your surgeon will also consider additional surgery that can help create a more proportional face after your rhinoplasty. An example is chin augmentation. This procedure can improve your chin’s structure. Taking photos of your nose from different angles can help how much width or height the surgeon should add.

You will receive general anesthesia before the procedure starts. Your surgeon will then cut between your nostrils to separate your bone and cartilage. You will need more cartilage in your nose to reshape it so your surgeon may take the cartilage from your ear. If this amount is inadequate, your surgeon will use a bone graft or a bone implant. This surgery takes about one to two hours or longer if you need a more complex rhinoplasty.

If you think you have a broken or fractured nose, you should go to your surgeon right away. At Aesthetic Surgical Associates, we make sure that we fulfill the cosmetic and structural goals of our patients. Please visit our clinic in Metairie, Louisiana, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at (504) 226-8200 if you want to schedule an appointment or ask questions about our rhinoplasty packages.