Tips for Maintaining Your Facelift

The process of aging is natural, but a facelift surgical procedure offers relief for signs of age on your appearance. While helping you to look and feel young, a facelift will last as long as you take care of yourself after the procedure. You can prolong the effects of your facelift, being able to enjoy your new look for years.


Post-Surgery Skincare Tips for a Longer-Lasting Facelift

The success of your facelift results depends on how you take care of your face and body right after surgery. Cosmetic surgery is you investing in your looks, and you expect to stay thrilled with the results for many years.

There is no direct fix-it that determines how long the positive effects of your facelift will last. Taking care of your skin plays a vital role in ensuring that your facelift’s beautiful results remain.

Regular Exercise and a Healthy Diet

Your facelift results will be more pleasing and proportionate to look at if you maintain a healthy weight. Adding weight can nullify the results of your facelift and cause stretch tearing of your skin. To improve skin nourishment and elasticity, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Avoid sugar in your diet, as this causes glycation, which triggers the aging process. To maintain healthy and youthful-looking skin, consume vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Take in enough water as part of your post-facelift diet. Water intake hydrates skin and leaves it looking smooth and young.

Continue exercising to maintain your facial contours while also improving health and vitality. Non-strenuous exercises, when recovering from a facelift, ensures less inactivity weight gain. Once you’re healed of cosmetic surgery, you can begin a more rigorous exercise regime. Adherence to a fitness regime results in prolonged facelift effects.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

One of the leading causes of aging skin is the UV rays from sun exposure that degrade your skin proteins. Not only does direct sunlight discolor the skin, but it also gives it patchy liver spots.

Sunlight exposure damages elastin and collagen under the skin, accelerating the sagging, wrinkling, and lines on the face. Skin sagging could compromise the results of your facelift. Wrinkling of the face also makes the effects of a facelift less evident after a while.

Avoid deliberate sun tanning when stepping into the sunshine to prolong your facelift procedure results. Consider wearing sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

Get Clinical-Grade Skincare

After your plastic surgery, there are products recommended by the surgeon or support staff. Adjust your skincare routine to include the best products for the maintenance of your facelift.

Using the recommended skincare products saves time and money in maintaining cosmetic surgery. Prescribed products also protect your skin from potential harm.

​​​​​​​Use the latest surgical and post-surgery techniques that include skin maintenance treatments. Get a customized skincare package that suits your skin type. The package must also be conducive to your skin condition and age for the best longevity results.


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