Getting Rid of Double Chins With KYBELLA®

KYBELLA® is an FDA-approved injectable treatment for getting rid of double chins. It contains a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a molecule naturally found in the body whose function is to break down and absorb dietary fat. It has minimal downtime — usually around 20 minutes for every appointment. Thus, most people prefer it to surgical procedures.

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How Does It Work?

KYBELLA is carefully injected into your chin, where it attacks the submental fat and liquifies it. The fat is then absorbed by the body, helping reduce your double chin. The number of treatments you need will depend on how much improvement you want and your original facial or chin profile.

Spacing for KYBELLA injections should be at least a month apart. Although visible results are evident after two to four treatments, research has shown that most people require up to six treatments. However, KYBELLA treatments should also not exceed six in number.

Since it does not cause bruising, scarring, or infections, KYBELLA is popularly preferred for surgery and liposuction. It takes several weeks for the results to be evident, but once the liquified fat cells get excreted by the body, they cannot regrow. However, your double chin may return if you gain weight. Hence, a healthy diet and lifestyle will help you enjoy the results for longer.

What Makes You a Good Candidate?

If you are below 18 years of age, this treatment is not recommended for you. Healthy adults are the best candidates. But not all healthy adults also qualify. Your doctor will have to first assess your case and get your medical history.

Also, if your double chin is due to excess skin, KYBELLA treatments will not work to your expectation. Surgery may be the alternative to increase your skin tightness. Make sure to tell your doctor if you are having any of the issues below before undergoing KYBELLA treatment.

  • Trouble swallowing.

  • You are on medication that prevents blood clotting.

  • You have bleeding problems.

  • You have had or intend to have other cosmetic treatments.

Possible Side Effects

The common established side effects of the KYBELLA treatment include hardness, redness, numbness, swelling, and pain in the treatment area. However, this list is not exhaustive. There are other possible effects, including:

  • Difficulty swallowing.

  • Weakness of facial muscles.

  • Nerve injury in the jaw.

  • Uneven smile.

  • Contouring abnormalities.

Usually, the side effects wear off within a couple of days, but if any symptoms persist, make sure to consult your doctor.


The effects of KYBELLA treatment on pregnancy are not yet established. If you are pregnant or plan on it, ensure you tell your doctor. Even if you have recently given birth, ensure you convey this during your consultation as it is also not established if KYBELLA passes into breast milk.

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