Asian Double Fold Surgery: Blepharoplasty

Asian blepharoplasty is a procedure commonly requested by persons of Asian descent. It is an eyelid surgery meant to create a crease on the upper eyelid. The outcome of the surgery is that the eyes appear bigger, younger, and more striking.

The reason behind the blepharoplasty is not to make the Asian people look more Western. The procedure only takes away a little puffiness that makes their eyes look tired. With older patients, double fold surgery is used to treat sunken eye deformity. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and the sagging of the eyelid skin.

Blepharoplasty only “brightens” your eyes and enhances your appearance.


Methods Used

The plastic surgeon chooses one of three methods for the procedure. The choice made depends on your desired outcome, skin type, and skin quality. The amount of fat tissue on your upper eyelid is also an essential factor.

The Incision Technique

The incision method is popular because, besides taking out the unwanted skin portion, it reduces wrinkling. Many people wrinkle in the space between the eyelashes and the new double eyelid line. The method is also suited for persons with a slightly sunken eye defect. Persons who wish to change their eyelashes’ curvature to angle a bit upward may also prefer the incision method.

The Beads and the Buried Suture Methods

For persons who do not qualify for the incision method, these two are a great alternative. Neither of them requires an incision, which means that you do not get an incisional scar. But, with the beads method, you may still have some scarring from the needed punctures. Luckily, these are only slightly visible.

When deciding between the beads and the buried suture methods, consider the possible scarring and the recovery time. The beads method produces some slight scarring. It also requires a significantly longer recovery time, 2-3 weeks. If you prefer a shorter recovery time, opt for the buried sutures method.

Preparing for the Procedure

Before the Day of the Surgery, the Plastic Surgeon Will Discuss the Intended Procedure with You. First, he inquires about your expectations and determines if the surgery is a good fit for you.

Your Medical History is Also an Essential Factor. The surgeon goes over your medical records and the results from previous eye exams. He notes any allergies, thyroid problems, dry eye, and bleeding problems you may have. With this information, the surgeon then goes ahead to plan your surgery.

Walking Into the Clinic, Prepare to Have a Few Workups Done. They may measure your eyelids and test your eyes’ tear production. The technicians may also take pictures of your “before” from various angles. The photos are used to compare how you look going in and how you look going out.

Avoid smoking and drinking days before the procedure, as these could negatively affect the surgery and the recovery. Also, avoid some medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, Coumadin, and naproxen. These drugs are blood thinners and may heighten your risk of bleeding.

From midnight on the eve of the surgery, do not eat or drink anything. If you must take medication, only have a sip of water.

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