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Tips for Staying Slim After Liposuction

Liposuction is without doubt one of the most effective and popular cosmetic surgery procedures for body transformations. However, since weight gain can affect anyone and there can be many reasons why the extra pounds start to creep on, it is important for patients to remain diligent following their liposuction procedure. Doing so can help you to maintain a healthy weight, keep your figure, and sustain the results of your liposuction long term.

Here are our top tips for staying slim after liposuction.


Drink plenty of water

We all know that water is the healthiest thing that we can drink. However, did you know that drinking plenty can actually help you to control your weight? It does this in several ways:

  • Drinking water before meals helps us feel fuller and reduces our appetite, making it less likely we will consume excess calories.

  • Being properly hydrated ensures all body systems are performing optimally, including our metabolism.

  • Drinking cold water has been shown to help the body to burn more calories – in some cases as many as 24-30% more!

  • Drinking water has been shown to help reduce the amount of fat that our bodies store, also reducing our BMI.

Watch what you eat

Unsurprisingly, being mindful of your diet is a crucial element of maintaining the results of your liposuction. Making healthy choices will help ensure that the fat cells that you had removed during liposuction won’t return, keeping those unwanted bulges at bay and sustaining your new, slimmer silhouette. While there’s nothing wrong with an occasional treat stick to a healthy, balanced diet that is low in sugar, fat, and processed foods. Make sure you are getting plenty of fiber and where possible, cook, by grilling, boiling, and baking rather than frying.

Practice portion control

Even if you are making healthy food choices, there’s still the possibility that you can have too much of a good thing! All food, even healthy food, has calories, and regularly consuming too many will always lead to weight gain as your body will be taking in more calories than it is burning. Practice portion control at all times!

Keep moving!

A sedentary lifestyle is the arch-nemesis of liposuction and other procedures that are designed to create a tight, toned, and healthy body. Sitting and lazing around is proven to be bad for our health while keeping activity levels high can ensure that our bodies stay in good physical condition. Try and avoid long periods of stillness and instead think of inventive ways to keep on your feet. For example, walking or cycling to work, opting for a standing desk, pacing while on phone calls, using the stairs where possible… the opportunities are endless.

Learn to unwind

Stress is bad news for our health for a number of reasons, not least because it can play havoc with our eating habits. If you are an emotional eater, you may find yourself reaching for the sugary treats in times of stress. This happens because stress raises the amount of cortisol in our bodies, and cortisol causes cravings. Unless you are one of the very rare few that craves healthy snacks, chances are your body will be crying out for unhealthy foods. Learning to manage stress can help keep cravings under control and make it easier to maintain the results of your liposuction.

Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and wellbeing and ensuring that you get enough can even help you to sustain the effects of your liposuction procedure. This is because sleep is when our body recuperates from the efforts it has made, resetting itself so that it can function as optimally as possible the next day. According to experts, people who diet are much more likely to be successful if they get enough sleep, with patients losing an average of 56% more fat when they obtain a reasonable amount of sleep on a regular basis. Getting enough sleep can also reduce sugary cravings, improve your mental wellbeing, and keep stress under control.

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