HydraFacial’s and How They Impact Your Beauty Health

A bright, smooth, and youthful-looking face is everyone’s desire. Many people spend a fortune on creams, oils, and facial products in an attempt to acquire great-looking skin. It is possible to get the natural glow that you desire through a facial.

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The HydraFacial treatment is gaining in popularity as proponents hail its instant and lasting benefits. This is more than a regular spa treatment as it helps in the maintenance of long-term skin health. Some people get the treatment before a special event, while others use it as part of their skin health maintenance.

HydraFacial Treatment

HydraFacial is a multi-step treatment that uses a machine by a company called Edge Systems. During the treatment session, the machine is used to cleanse, extract and exfoliate the skin.

The device also delivers several rejuvenating serums that help to brighten and firm the skin instantly. The machine has an exfoliating tip that works with suction to get rid of dead skin cells. The skin is exfoliated while simultaneously infusing serums into the surface. This is the reason why the treatment is so effective.

Three-in-one Process

The effectiveness of the HydraFacial treatment can be attributed to its three-in-one process. The entire treatment takes about 30 minutes. The three steps include cleanse and peel, extract and hydrate, and fuse and protect. The cleanse and peel step involves exfoliating the skin or removing dead skin cells. The process unclogs the pores, leaving the skin looking brighter.

The extract and hydrate step involves getting all the gunk out of the pores while delivering topical moisturizers. The final step, fuse and protect, will involve using serums to “boost” the skin.

Benefits of HydraFacial

There are benefits of getting the HydraFacial treatment. Many skin experts claim that the treatment results in the “best skin” of an individual’s life. The benefits include exfoliation and the delivery of certain active ingredients to the client’s skin.

The treatment can help to improve skin radiance and hydration. It results in even skin texture and reduced pore size. Clients can benefit from a wide range of serums that are tailored for their skin type.

Who Should Avoid HydraFacials?

HydraFacial treatment is ideal for every skin tone, but some people should not get the treatment. The facial is not suitable for anyone with sunburn, an active rash, or rosacea. The treatment is also not for pregnant women as some ingredients may not be suitable during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, it is important to talk to your dermatologist or obstetrician before getting a facial treatment. If you are on prescription creams, you should stop using them a few days before the HydraFacial treatment.

Treating Skin Conditions

HydraFacial is suitable for treating several skin conditions, such as dryness, acne, blackheads, and wrinkles. Also known as hydradermabrasion, the procedure is available in dermatology clinics and medical spas. Trained estheticians or dermatologists perform the HydraFacial treatments.

The treatment is suitable for all skin tones, and the best part is that it does not require downtime. You can walk out of the door with a much better-looking complexion after your appointment. Most clients report visible radiant and even skin after a single treatment.

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