Keller Funnel Breast Augmentation

lady with augmented breast

Breast augmentation surgery is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery in the world today. For many women, their breasts are considered to be one of the defining attributes of femininity and sexuality.

Unfortunately, those who are unhappy with the shape and size of their chest often find that they suffer from a range of negative effects. These include low confidence, poor self-esteem, anxiety, and even depression. These women may also find themselves avoiding wearing certain clothes in a bid to hide their shape.

A breast augmentation is the perfect solution for women who dream of larger, fuller breasts. While conventional breast augmentation surgery has proven to be extremely successful, the techniques and tools used are constantly being evolved to ensure that the patient receives the safest procedure, and the best possible results and patient experience.

Our experienced and knowledgeable surgeon, Dr. Metzinger, is delighted to be able to offer breast augmentation surgery using a revolutionary new tool – the Keller Funnel 2.

How are breast augmentation procedures performed using the Keller Funnel 2 different to standard breast augmentation surgery?

The Keller Funnel 2 has been designed by surgeons, for surgeons, for the placement of silicone gel breast implants. The main difference between a standard breast augmentation and one performed using the Keller Funnel 2 is that the latter uses what is referred to as a ‘no-touch technique’. What this means is that there is no need to handle the implants, nor for them to come into contact with your skin during insertion. This means that you can be certain that your new implants are completely sterile throughout the process, which reduces the likelihood of infection and other such post-operative complications, including capsular contracture.

Capsular contracture

  • Capsular contracture is one of the most common complications of breast augmentation surgery. It refers to hardening of the implant, which is normally caused by the presence of bacteria on the implant shell when it is inserted. These bacteria cause a subclinical infection inside the breast pocket, creating a reaction that leads to hardening of the breast implant. Capsular contracture normally becomes evident between six and twelve months post-surgery but can occur even years after the patient has received the implant. Unfortunately, the only solution for capsular contracture is invasive surgery to remove the capsule that surrounds the breast implant.
lady with augmented breast

The design of the Keller Funnel 2

The unique and ingenious design of the Keller Funnel 2 has no moving parts. It features a clear, flexible, polymeric film that has a lubricious hydrophilic coating. It is this design that enables the surgeon to have complete control over the delivery of the implant, which passes through the funnel and into the surgical pocket.
The lubricated coating reduces friction during the insertion process, meaning that the body is less likely to react to the minor trauma of surgery.

Dr. Metzinger is delighted to be able to offer his patients the benefit of this ground-breaking tool in their breast augmentation surgery. To find out more about the Keller Funnel 2 and how it can help you to achieve the breasts that you have always dreamed of, please contact our offices to arrange an appointment.