Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Standard Butt Lift

A well-proportioned hourglass body is what many women want. To achieve this attractive, voluptuous body, you should add more to your buttocks area. You can opt for the Brazilian butt lift or the standard butt lift. If you are thinking about altering this part of your body, you should know the difference between the two procedures. Let’s talk about how each one differs and perhaps then you can choose what is best for your needs.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

This type of cosmetic surgery enhances the shape and size of your buttocks without using implants. It merely requires a special technique to transfer fat from other areas of your body to your buttocks. Extra fat deposits found in your thighs, abdomen, hips, or lower back are removed through liposuction. Then, part of the eliminated fat will be prepared and injected into your buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that helps the surgeon improve the proportions of your body by tackling the fat in problem areas and augmenting your buttocks at the same time. The results of this surgery are known to last for years.

Many people opt to have the Brazilian butt lift because, despite their rigorous workouts and clean diet, they cannot seem to achieve the right shape in their buttocks. With this procedure, genetics is overpowered, allowing the surgeon to modify curves and improve the proportions of your body.

If you want this type of butt lift, you should have enough body fat to remove and then inject into your buttocks. You should also have an even skin tone on your buttocks and hips. Most of all, you should be willing to avoid sitting for about 4 to 6 weeks while you’re healing. You will see the final results for your Brazilian butt lift after 6 to 8 months.

Standard Butt Lift

Using implants is the traditional way of improving your buttocks. This procedure is usually for people who don’t have significant fat deposits. There are now three types of implants from which to choose — water-filled, gel silicone or solid silicone implants. Water-filled implants are more preferred than gel silicone implants because it is safer if they rupture.

If these implants leak or rupture, there will be asymmetry and drooping. You will then need another surgery to correct the look of your buttocks. Solid silicone is better than the filled implants because it doesn’t leak or rupture in your buttocks at all. Unfortunately, placing implants in buttocks always leaves a scar, which is why you may not choose this type of butt lift. You will see the final results of this type of butt lift after 3 to 4 months.


Achieving the perfect body is not an impossibility anymore. It is a journey you don’t have to take on your own. At Aesthetic Surgical Associates, we can provide you with the ideal butt lift experience based on your needs. Feel free to visit our office in Metairie, Louisiana. You can also reach us to set an appointment by dialing 504-226-8200 today.