Can You Get Surgery to Change Your Chin Shape?

Your chin has a significant effect on the aesthetics of your face. It can make your nose look large, give you a full neck, and define your facial features' appearance. You can get chin surgery to change the impact of your chin on your face

woman at the doctor looking to change her chin shape

Most patients who ask about chin surgery want to increase projection to their chin. It could be because their chin is distorted, weak, or receding. Through chin surgery, the surgeon can shape the chin in various ways. Your chin could be tapered, widened, narrowed, lengthened, or shortened depending on the look that you desire.

There are many places you can get chin surgery in New Orleans. The best idea is to find a qualified and experienced surgeon who will give you the desired outcome.

Why Would You Want Chin Surgery?

People undergo chin surgery, also called genioplasty, for several reasons, ranging from aesthetic to corrective. Chin surgery is mainly meant to balance out the lower face area and change your appearance. It achieves this by altering dental aspects, the soft tissue, and the skeletal structure.

You may want to get chin surgery for aesthetic purposes only. Other reasons for getting chin surgery may be shaving down chin excess, realigning the chin, and a receding chin. In addition, this procedure is common for older adults who might also be getting other cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic Surgeries for the Chin

  • Chin Augmentation

This procedure involves a plastic surgeon inserting silicone implants or another material mimicking the bone. Usually, the material used in chin implant surgery is very safe and pliable. The implants come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the patient's needs.

The plastic surgeon's objective is to reshape and fit the implants into a person's facial structure. The procedure can achieve a more defined chin contour, improving appearance.

  • Chin Reduction Surgery

The objective of this procedure is to even out the chin or to make it significantly smaller. Doctors recommend this procedure for patients with an overly prominent chin compared to the face. The doctor will make incisions under your chin or on your lower lip. They will proceed to remove the excess bone on your chin. Then they will contour your chin to the desired shape.

  • Mandibular Advancement

Surgeons perform this procedure on patients with a receding chin. The doctor will move the bone of the chin forward to make it more prominent. Usually, the doctor will make incisions inside the mouth to rearrange the facial bones. The procedure will likely last between an hour and three hours.

  • Neck Lift or Facelift

This procedure usually employs skin tightening technology. It improves the appearance of the chin by tightening the muscles of the neck. This will give more definition to the jawline.


  • Orthognathic Surgery

The state of the jaw will directly affect the outlook of the chin. This refers to crooked teeth or congenital disabilities affecting the jaw, which may cause a malformed or receding chin. Orthognathic surgery can enhance the functioning and form of the lower face. It will also significantly impact the appearance of the face.

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