Candidates for a Deep-Plane Facelift

If you have ptosis along your midface area when you reach a certain age, you may be a fitting candidate for a deep-plane facelift procedure. This cosmetic surgery involves the modification of a regular facelift’s techniques. One of its goals is to rectify your deep nasolabial folds and the loose skin on your neck. Perhaps you’re considering this procedure soon. Why don’t we discuss your eligibility for this procedure?

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Ptosis of Your Midface

A deep-plane facelift has been developed to mend deep nasolabial folds and changes caused by ptosis of the structures of your midface. Both are usually the effects of aging. Studies show that your midface area is one of the sections of your face that shows signs of the aging process. Ptosis of the midfacial fat is usually indicated by the light diagonal depression below the eyes. This sagging may start during your early 30s and may be accompanied by deep tear troughs and nasolabial creases, as well as dark circles.

Of the Right Age

The most common individuals, who seek a deep-plane facelift, are those 50 to 60 years of age. Although this age range is commonplace, many 40- to 60-year-old individuals may also opt for this procedure.

In the Peak of Health

The most ideal candidates for this type of specialized facelift are individuals with just a few or without any health issues at all and who are not contented with the effects of aging on their faces. You should disclose all types of facial surgeries and treatments you had in the past. Also, tell your surgeon about the medications you take and the medical conditions you have. You should also be honest about your smoking habits. Revealing all your details will help your surgeon create a thorough treatment care plan for you.


You’re an ideal candidate if you don’t smoke at all. During a facelift, the skin detaches from the underlying tissue. If you smoke, your blood vessels will contract, impeding good blood flow to areas of your facial skin that need oxygenation to heal. Nicotine can also produce more blood clots, which affects your body’s healing process. You should stop smoking at least 4 to 6 weeks before your deep-plane facelift.

Sagging Skin

You can be a candidate for a deep-plane facelift if you have extremely loose skin on your neck and face. These drastic facial changes caused by aging tend to make you appear upset, tired, or even angry, even if you’re really not.

In Need of a Subtle Solution

A deep plane facelift is the right one for you if you don’t want an extreme change in your appearance. There will only be gentle alterations after the procedure.

Require a Prolonged Solution

A deep plane facelift is also what you need if you don’t want a lot of touch-ups and if you want truly lasting results. It provides durability. Its results can last for 5 to 10 years.

Aging gracefully is what most individuals want. At Aesthetic Surgical Associates, we want to make sure you feel good about yourself as you age. Please drop by our office in Metairie, Louisiana, for a walk-in consultation. You can also dial 504-226-8200 today to set your appointment.