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Gina Mmahat
My experience was nothing less than perfect! From the front desk, nurses, assistants, and physician… I could not have asked for a more professional and pleasant environment. I will surely continue recommending and using the services. Thanks to all! :)
Terie Capella
My visit with Dr. Metzinger was professional and informative. He answered ALL of my questions and provided insight to so much more about my situation! I have encouraged close friends to see Dr. Metzinger for any of their own medical wants or needs. It truly was a positive experience!"
Cory Faucheux
My wife and I have both used Dr. Metzinger and we were both extremely happy. If your concern is the final outcome, trust me, you are in great hands. If your concern is the process, he will make you feel comfortable with both his bedside manner as well as his knowledge. We have referred a number of people to him and my wife plans on making a return trip in the near future as well. We wouldn't even consider anyone else.
Jamie Williams
Not only did I work wit Dr. Metzinger for several years but he is also a great friend! I don't going anywhere else for plastic surgery whether it be cosmetic or medical reasons. Dr. Metzinger is not only an amazing surgeon but he's also an honest, caring Doctor who truly cares about his patients, his staff, his family and friends."
Deborah Autin
Several years ago, in preparation for a planned facelift, I began visiting surgeons in the area looking for "the right one". I think I met just about all of the local surgeons, then I found Dr. Metzinger, he was recommended by 2 other doctors actually. I got botox the first visit, fillers here and there, and many, many microdermabrasions (thank you Norma - you're my hero). That was 7 years ago! And while I still plan to get that facelift, for now my skin looks great! I've met (and some I even know very well) Dr. Metzinger's patients and the results are natural looking and they look great many years after their surgeries. Dr. Metzinger will give you options, do great follow-up, his staff is great, the office is beautiful, the patients are happy. Feels like a family, I've even met his mom and dad.
Sarah Grobbel
Stephen is caring and thoughtful as a physician. He takes the time to listen to the issue and symptoms before he determines the best course of action. I would highly recommend him to family and friends."
Everard Marks
Stephen is the best doctor ever. Very punctual and perfectionist."
Patsy Norman
Steve Metzinger is the best surgeon; meticulous, professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I would recommend his services without hesitation. His years of experience are very impressive. He stays in touch with new procedures introduced to the consumer and would not do any of them unless he believed in their results and safety. His staff is wonderful, friendly and caring. They are knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the procedures offered or scheduled, making your visit pleasant and as comfortable as possible. They reach out by making follow up calls. Steve is a fantastic surgeon and his staff is top notch!
Fritz Metzinger
The gold standard for plastic surgery in New Orleans and one of the premier surgeons in the entire world."
Colleen Teel
The office staff was very friendly and professional. I have had Botox done many times and I have to say this was the best ever. I plan on using them every time.
Wendy Guillie
Truly the only doctor I trust with my looks and more. If I have any medical question I know I can go to him for guidance. I recommend him to everyone"
D Irwin Mackenroth
Very personable and thorough with his evaluation. Excellent surgeon. I have been a patient of his on multiple occasions as have other members of my family."
Jennifer Gowdy
While visiting New Orleans for business travel 3 weeks after my Breast Augmentation surgery in Miami. My right breast was struggling to heal properly, and while in New Orleans took a turn for the worst. I feel blessed that I was able to see Dr. Metzinger on such short notice. He opened his schedule up to see me immediately. Dr. Metzinger took the most amazing care of me all while corresponding with my surgeon in Miami. It became apparent within 24 hours that my breast was infected and the only safe option was to remove my implant immediately. I was nervous given the infection escalated so quickly, but felt amazingly comfortable that I was in the best hands. Dr. Metzinger is a truly gifted surgeon. In addition to his extraordinary skills; his bedside manner along with his thorough and caring team, elevates Dr. Metzinger and his team to another level which is above the rest!!! The entire team was reachable and responsive during my ordeal, and it brought me great comfort to know I had the the best and the most caring team in all of Louisiana. His Surgical Assistant, Rhonda, called me every night post surgery until I was able to return to Miami and see my doctor. Dr. Metzinger kept my surgeon abreast of everything that was happening, and ensured that the lab results were waiting for us in Miami when I saw my doctor upon my return. Thank you Dr. Metzinger and team!!! I can't say enough great things about Dr. Metzinger and his team: professional, talented, courteous and dedicated to patient and their care and safety!!!

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