Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Metairie & New Orleans, LA


Dr. Stephen Eric Metzinger performs standard facelifts, as well as three advanced techniques to meet each patient’s unique needs. If you have only mild to moderate wrinkles, he may recommend a mini facelift, which requires small or endoscopic incisions made with tiny instruments.


Aging, wrinkled, sagging brows can make you appear sad or angry. To help you enjoy a more youthful, calm look, Dr. Metzinger can perform a brow lift. For patients with less dramatic wrinkles or sagging, he can perform a lateral, or mini, lift with a smaller incision across the forehead.


If you struggle with sagging eyelids, Dr. Metzinger can perform a blepharoplasty to remove excess tissue. With two decades of experience and a published academic article on this type of plastic surgery, he can correct both cosmetic and medical issues, such as ectropion disorders or obscured vision.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed procedures at our office. If your nose is bulbous, disproportionate to your face, or shaped in a way that prevents you from breathing properly, a rhinoplasty can enhance the balance of your features and allow you to breathe more easily.


The dimensions of your chin can significantly impact your appearance, especially if it is disproportionately small. To enhance the size of your chin, Dr. Metzinger can perform chin augmentation surgery using an implant, structural fat grafting, or dermal fillers.


Many patients want fuller, plumper lips for a sexy look. To help achieve this effect, Dr. Metzinger performs lip augmentation. We can add volume to your lips by injecting fat from your own body or fill your lips with Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved biocompatible synthetic materials.


If you want full, shapely cheeks, Dr. Metzinger can perform cheek augmentation surgery to improve your appearance. This surgery, which uses either an implant or dermal fillers, can help improve the proportions, symmetry, and definition of your face.


As an alternative to dermal fillers, Dr. Metzinger can perform structural fat grafting. During this process, we collect fat cells from unwanted deposits on your body using liposuction, purify them in a centrifuge, and inject them back into your face or body for a sexier shape or smoother skin