Patient Testimonials

Mike Kirby
Dr. Metzinger is a caring, compassionate doctor."
C. Perrin Rome III
Dr. Metzinger is a fabulous plastic surgeon! From helping small children with horrific dog bite injuries to their faces to the more mundane tasks (such as helping me to a quick recovery following a nasty, very large and poisonous jellyfish bite which covered half of my thigh), he is head and shoulders above others as a plastic surgeon. We are fortunate to have someone as skilled, competent and compassionate to his patients as Dr. Metzinger in the New Orleans area! -Perrin Rome
Jennifer M Nicholson
Dr. Metzinger is a great plastic surgeon. He has operated on most of my family, and everybody is extremely happy. He is never rushed and will address all of your concerns. His staff is great too!"
Casey Derbes
Dr. Metzinger is a really incredible doctor- he really knows his stuff and is very professional! I had the pleasure of working for him for a couple of years during graduate school. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for amazing transformations. My mom has an appointment scheduled with him soon! His results are top notch!"
Paul Dreschnack
Dr. Metzinger is a talented educated and gifted Plastic Surgeon. He is well respected in the community by his colleagues and patients. He has excellent surgical talents, and the good judgement to use his talents. Excellent surgeon!"
Lauren Boyce
Dr. Metzinger is a terrific doctor with a wonderful bedside manner and great skill. He completed my breast reduction almost a year ago, and I have been nothing but pleased. He listened to my concerns and needs, and everything about my experience went as expected. His staff is thorough and followed up with me throughout the recovery. He's always willing to discuss any questions, and is kind and considerate. I actually interviewed several other surgeons during my decision, and felt the most comfortable with him. In all honesty, a reduction and lift is not an easy surgery and the recovery is difficult and long. However, I was informed about what to expect and was more than satisfied with my post-op and results. I have also seen Dr. Metzinger with more mundane tasks, like Botox, and have been very pleased.
Mark Wysner
Dr. Metzinger is a very talented surgeon and has a great ability with his clients to put them at ease I would highly recommend his services ...."
Kayla Donald
Dr. Metzinger is awesome!!! He is very thorough and answers any and all questions his patients may have."
Ashleigh Morales
Dr. Metzinger is my all time favorite! Since my procedure, that I was more than happy with. I had a very fast recovery, minimal pain. I have sent several of my friends and family member to as well. All who continue to trust him with other services as well. He makes u feel very comfortable in your own skin, and confident as a whole. I wouldn't choose anyone else beside him, and his team!
Mary Piper
Dr. Metzinger is not only an excellent doctor but also very easy to talk to and very down to earth. He is extremely sincere and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Metzinger for all your cosmetic needs."
Siri Albright
Dr. Metzinger is the best! After 5 botched surgeries he was able to put this Humptey Dumptey together again and I will be forever grateful!"
Angie Mcdonald
Dr. Metzinger keeps up with the latest research and innovations in plastic surgery. He also has sharp intuition , years of valuable experience, and impressive credentials from esteemed universities and hospitals. The thing I like the best about him, though, is that he really listens to his patients about their needs and desired results."
Mitzi Mancuso
Dr. Metzinger performed surgery on both myself and my son. He has a great bed side manner and I fully recommend him to anyone who needs medical services. He truly is one of the good ones."

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