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Callie Mackenzie
Dr. Stephen Metzinger is the best doctor I have ever known. His expertise and level of thoroughness with his patients is truly amazing. He is a doctor that you can trust with any level of medical care. He does not leave anything unturned and all options are open with aesthetic surgery. He is a person that will make you feel at ease, when looking at reconstructive surgery. It is hard in these times to find a doctor with such high integrity and that will be honest with his patients. Whether you are thinking about a small procedure, major aesthetic surgery or just really want a helpful opinion regarding your options, Dr. Stephen Metzinger is your doctor to visit. He has a wonderful, friendly, helpful Office Staff as well.
Nikki Bonney
As an assistant to Dr. Metzinger in the operating room, I feel so confidant in his work, that I would trust my face and/or body with him. I suggest him to other people when they question me about my knowledge with Botox, fillers and the more invasive approach, surgery. I've watched women and men blossom after just a simple swipe of a syringe or scalpel. Dr. Metzinger makes his patients feel comfortable and he breaks the procedure and post-op down so there is no confusion on what to expect. He's funny, approachable, knowledgeable and great at what he does!
Amber Danos St Pierre
After the decision that I won't be having any more children, I decided I wanted a little help on my appearance. I researched for months before I decided to make a consultation with Dr. Metzinger. From the moment I stepped in his office, I knew I made the right decision. His staff was amazing. I felt very welcomed and comfortable. I left that day with my surgery scheduled. I have gotten to know Dr. Metzinger and his staff more and no doubt in my mind they were the best there is. I even decided on a second procedure and called his office immediately. Every time I get asked about my procedures, I always recommend Dr. Metzinger.
Patsy Norman
Steve Metzinger is the best surgeon; meticulous, professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I would recommend his services without hesitation. His years of experience are very impressive. He stays in touch with new procedures introduced to the consumer and would not do any of them unless he believed in their results and safety. His staff is wonderful, friendly and caring. They are knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the procedures offered or scheduled, making your visit pleasant and as comfortable as possible. They reach out by making follow up calls. Steve is a fantastic surgeon and his staff is top notch!
Regan Colombatto
I had several procedures done, I was treated with respect and within a timely fashion. I'm very satisfied with my results. I would recommend anyone interested in breast augmentation etc. to consult Dr. Metzinger.
Lauren Boyce
Dr. Metzinger is a terrific doctor with a wonderful bedside manner and great skill. He completed my breast reduction almost a year ago, and I have been nothing but pleased. He listened to my concerns and needs, and everything about my experience went as expected. His staff is thorough and followed up with me throughout the recovery. He's always willing to discuss any questions, and is kind and considerate. I actually interviewed several other surgeons during my decision, and felt the most comfortable with him. In all honesty, a reduction and lift is not an easy surgery and the recovery is difficult and long. However, I was informed about what to expect and was more than satisfied with my post-op and results. I have also seen Dr. Metzinger with more mundane tasks, like Botox, and have been very pleased.
Angie Mcdonald
Dr. Metzinger keeps up with the latest research and innovations in plastic surgery. He also has sharp intuition , years of valuable experience, and impressive credentials from esteemed universities and hospitals. The thing I like the best about him, though, is that he really listens to his patients about their needs and desired results."
Connie Castell
He is the most down to earth caring and compassionate Dr. I have ever Met I trusted him basically with my life and my results were much more than I ever expected !!!!! He is the Best !!!! His staff is wonderful and are very caring. They called to check on me numerous times after my surgery and throughout my recovery. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of plastic or cosmetic plastic surgery. !!!! THANKS FOR CHANGING MY LIFE !!!
Eugenie Suggs
Dr. Metzinger was a warm and truly understanding doctor. He not only addressed my concerns but he also spoke to me with a warm heart. Having a doctor that listens to what your feelings are and helps you understand the process is one that I will continue too see for more procedures if needed. I highly recommend this doctor for several reasons: great bedside manner, extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise, soft and warm heart, and fantastic results!!!!
Tanya Brown
As a RN, I am very selective of the healthcare providers I choose for myself and my family. Over the past 3 years, I have found Dr. Metzinger to be one of the most knowledgable and considerate physicians I have chosen. He takes extra time to discuss client's concerns, as well as offering several options including the most up-to-date procedures. Scheduling appointments has always been easy and his staff is consistently helpful and pleasant.

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